Getting to Inis Mor, The Aran Islands

The direct Ferry route from galway city docks

Galway City Ferry to Inis Mor

About this Ferry to Inis Mor

This Ferry leaves from the docks in Galway City Center which is an ideal location. This is within walking distance for Eyre Square and the Ferry ride takes you past the city and the Cliffs of Moher. This Ferry only runs in summer and is extremely popular due to the conveniance of leaving from Galway city Centre.

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The traditional Bus / Ferry route from Galway city – Rossaveal (Connemara)

Galway City – bus to Connemara
– Ferry to Inis Mor

About this Ferry leaving from Galway – Connemara

This way of getting to Inis Mor is the most popular. Slightly cheaper than the direct Galway city Ferry, this journey involves a bus which leaves the Victoria Hotel which is adjacent to Eyre Square and is a 30 minute coastal journey into Connemara. You then depart the port of Rossaveal for a 50 minute scenic Ferry trip directly to Inis Mor.

Ferry Highlights


Cost Effective

Leaves Connemara

Year Round

the newer ferry route from doolin village near the burren

Doolin Ferry to Inis Mor

About the Ferry from Doolin

The Doolin Ferry leaves from just outside Doolin village, which is a 15 minute walk away. This small pier is the departure point and the ferry passes the Cliffs of Moher and then onto Inis Mor.

Highlights of the Doolin Ferry

Fast Service

Views of Cliffs

Slightly faster

is subject to weather conditions

scenic 6 minute flight to inis mor

Fly to Inis Mor

About the Flight to Inis Mor

This is a unique ten minute leaving from just outside Galway in a small plane. Quite an experience and very scenic!.


Close to Galway

Leaves from Connemara

Is short and sweet

Is not expensive

Is an experience

Is very unique

everyone loves the Aran Islands when they have been on an ebike

Client testimonials

Lisa D.


Definitely the highlight of my recent trip to ireland. I am am going to buy an Ebike in the next few weeks.

Hanna A.


I had no idea how cool cycling an ebike was!. I loved every minute of my tour and will definitely return to the Aran Islands to explore it in details. Thanks Guys!.

Andrew R.


I only had a few hours on the island. The ebike allowed me to get up to Dun Aonghas much faster that if used a regular hire.