Experience Omey Island

Experience breath-taking seascapes, encounter rich historical landmarks, and immerse yourself in a unique culture fostered by hundreds of years of intriguing heritage. Unveil the story of Omey Island in a way that brings new light to your understanding of Ireland.

Welcome to Omey Island, explore the enchanting beauty of Omey Island and its surrounding sea region.

When you think of Ireland, Galway’s Connemara region might be the first place that comes to your mind with its stunning coast but let us introduce you to the road less traveled, the way to Omey Island. An island so unique and enchanting, you’d want to keep coming back.

Galway’s priceless gem, Omey Island is tucked away off the coast of Claddaghduff in the vibrant Connemara region. Here on this island, every visitor gets to experience a piece of tranquil nature untouched by the rush of the usual touristy places. This island is not just a destination, it’s a getaway into a different world, one filled with sea, coast, and the gentle whisper of the wind along the way.

Exploring Omey Island and the Sea Region

Spanning across Omey Island is a wide, sandy road that peeks above the sea at low tide times, only to get lost at high tide. It’s just a small hint of the island’s untamable charm.

The way from the sandy road leading inland to the rocky inlet and island is an adventure in itself as the road and tide keep a playful rhythm with each other.

The island, although small, is rich in history and archaeological interests. Excite your curiosity by visiting the historic site of Teampaill Feichín, believed to date the main burial ground back to the 7th century. Not just a place to admire nature, this self-guided tour can take you on a voyage through time.

Finding your way around is a breeze, thanks to the detailed information made available regarding the route, various points of interest, and the island’s heritage.

No matter the place you choose to go, part-time residents, explore on the island, every car journey, every ebike ride, every road you take, leads you to not just a destination, but an experience, a tale in itself. So come, let’s write this story of adventure, nature, and history together. Let’s experience Omey Island mysterious tidal island and its sea region!

Omey Island at a glance

LocationOmey Island is located in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.
AccessIt can be accessed by walking over the sand at low tide following the signs.
InhabitantsThe landscape of Omey Island varies from wide sandy beaches to dramatic cliffs, rocky outcrops, and large grassy planes.
Unique Feature: Omey RacesAn annual horse race is held along the beach. The Omey Races are a unique feature of this island.
Archaeological SignificanceOmey Island was the last place of habitation of a community of devout Christians, the Culdees. Some remnants of their dwellings still exist today.
Unique Flora and FaunaThe island is known for its unique and diverse plant species and bird life.
Omey Island ChurchA small medieval church, St. Feichin’s Church, is hidden in the sand yet it is still used for occasional services.
Unique LandscapeThe landscape of Omey Island varies from wide sandy beaches to dramatic cliffs, rocky outcrops and large grassy planes.

Discover the Mysteries of Galway’s Tidal Island and Ireland’s Stunning Seascape

The west region of Ireland is home to Galway, which is more than just a city renowned for its vibrant arts and music scene. It’s also the gateway to Omey Island, Ireland’s captivating tidal island. A travel to Galway must include stepping foot on the sands of Omey Island and witnessing the hypnotic tidal movements as the sea kindly parts to reveal a st feichin’s holy well-trodden path towards the highest point of the island and shore.

Uncover Omey Island – A Car-Free Paradise in Ireland

In the Ireland of your dreams, you’ll find Omey Island. It’s a beautiful place to be, whether you’re walking down to the beach, trekking up the hills, or just enjoying a lazy day in one of the nearby bars – it’s just about perfect. And the best part? It’s all car-free! You’ll never be stuck in traffic or struggle to find a parking spot because there are none. Galway and the neighboring Connemara region are known for their stunning landscapes, and Omey Island is certainly no exception to this rule.

Finally, don’t forget to bring a camera along. After all, paradise only deserves to be captured in the best way possible. In essence, with every walk in Ireland, be it through Galway, Connemara, or Claddaghduff, you take a piece of paradise home with you. And yes, make a point to visit the omnipresent churches that contain years of history within their walls. So, come, uncover Omey Island – a car-free wonder waiting to be discovered in glorious Ireland.

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