Bike Hire at Clew Bay for Self-Guided Tours

Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure: 10 things you need to know about cycling on Clew Bay

Explore Ireland’s stunning and rugged west coast with a self-guided tour that lets you set your own pace. Hiring a bike for a Clew Bay self-guided tour offers an exciting and flexible way to enjoy this pristine region, allowing you to make the most of the stunning landscapes, small islands, charming villages, and local points of interest.

Open Spaces

Embarking on your ultimate outdoor adventure along the picturesque Clew Bay is an experience not to be missed. You can start this journey of discovery through the heart of Westport, experiencing the island of remarkable scenery by availing of the Clew Bay bike hire services situated in the town. Yes, that’s right! Bay bike hire now extends to Clew Bay, a renowned visitor attraction in county mayo, Ireland.

The scenic beauty of Clew Bay

With the Clew Bay bike trail traversing the stunning landscape, opting for a two-wheel journey north is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in Westport. Not only does this enable you to leisurely cycle amidst the natural beauty of Clew Bay itself, but it also allows you to take in some history of the region.

All the tourist information and biking equipment you’ll need is provided by the friendly bike hire businesses in Clew Bay. With their extensive knowledge and map of the free roadside assistance, your self-guided tour around the bay is as easy as riding a bike. Indeed, the bike hire options at Clew Bay are designed to cater to everyone from amateur cyclists to seasoned pros, so you don’t need to worry if it’s your first biking experience.

The Mayo Greenway

In the heart of Westport lies the gateway to the famous Mayo Greenway, a beautiful cycle trail that connects Westport, Mulranny, and the Great Western Greenway. If you’re lucky, you might come across some free bikes that are part of a promotional campaign by several bike hire services. So keep your eyes peeled and be ready to seize an opportunity.

Cycling around Clew Bay isn’t just about the electric bikes and breathtaking views, though. The local cuisine, distinct culture, and warm-hearted locals also add to the charm of the Westport location on your trip. You can find plenty of things to do and places to visit in Westport, from historical sites to trendy cafes, that are sure to pique your interest on your day out. Rest assured that riding through this town is bound to be an exhilarating experience; a claim you’ll find supported by countless reviews on TripAdvisor.

So, if you decide you’re looking for a memorable day of outdoor adventures in Westport, you won’t go wrong discovering the beauty of the bay, taking in the fresh Irish air utilizing wind direction, and bringing back a treasure trove of memories from your cycling day out in Clew Bay.

10 highlights of cycling on Clew Bay

1. Clew Bay Bike HireThe perfect start to any Clew Bay cycling experience with knowledgeable staff to guide you on your journey.
2. Great Western GreenwayCycle along the renowned 42km traffic-free cycling and walking route with stunning scenery of Clew Bay and its surrounding mountains.
3. MulrannyA charming village, with refreshing sea views. It’s an ideal place for a rest stop.
4. Achill IslandExplore its beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and great cycling tracks encompassing breathtaking scenery.
5. Westport TownAn award-winning small town, perfect for an overnight stay or a delightful lunch stop.
6. Scenic Views of the AtlanticCycle next to the mighty Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the peaceful sound of waves crashing on the shore.
7. Opportunities for Bird WatchingWith a wide variety of birds in the region, don’t forget your binoculars.
8. Local Seafood RestaurantsSeafood enthusiasts will appreciate the local restaurants offering delicious locally sourced dishes.
9. Historical LandmarksDiscover a variety of historical landmarks scattered along the cycle route.
10. Friendly Local CommunityExperience the friendly and welcoming nature of the local community during your Clew Bay cycling adventure.

Companies that hire bikes on Clew Bay

For those desiring to explore the beautiful west coast of Ireland, Clew Bay bike hire companies provide a quality and convenient service unparalleled by other activity providers. Offering an exhilarating way to explore the region while being kind to the environment, bike hires in Clew Bay have become an increasingly popular option for experience-seeking tourists.

One of the things that set Clew Bay Bike Hire apart is their “Hop on Hop off” shuttle service. When you hire bikes, the shuttle transports you and your hired bike to the starting point of your route, be it Mulranny, Newport, or Achill. This same shuttle service makes it a great way to enjoy the spectacular Great Western Greenway, another key feature of the Clew Bay region that you’ll read about in countless reviews.

Westport, located on Clew Bay’s southern shore, is particularly renowned for bike hire. Its cycle-friendly streets coupled with countless picturesque trails make it a dream location for biking enthusiasts. The Great Western Greenway traverses from Westport south to Achill; it’s an experience not to be missed! It quickly becomes obvious why Westport and Clew Bay bike hires are such a hit with customers.

A self-guided tour allows you flexibility. You can embark on an exploration at any point, stop if you’d like, or even try kayaking. Notably, the folks at the bike hire company go above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience. From detailed maps to new bikes and trailers and even suggestions for local hotels to rest in, one can’t help but appreciate the effort they put in.

To find the best bike for your adventure, contact the hire company directly or browse their expansive selection of electric bikes online. They can also answer any questions you may have and assist with data about trail conditions and forecasts. Don’t forget to check out their site and YouTube videos for an immersive preview of the tour. It’s never been easier to gear up for an unforgettable ride through Clew Bay.

In conclusion, a self-guided tour of the stunning Clew Bay is incomplete without an exhilarating bike ride, discovering hidden gems at your own pace. Bike hire at Clew Bay provides a flexible and accessible option to enhance your exploration, making it wholly memorable. It’s a perfect opportunity to embrace the captivating outdoors, showcase your athletic capacity, and enrich your natural connection. Start your adventure today with the first bike hire best tourism service provider Clew Bay’s reliable bike hire service, and experience a unique journey shaped by your own choices. Turn a simple journey into an exploration; remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the ride.


Q: Where can I hire a bike to explore Clew Bay?

A: You can hire a bike from several bike hire businesses in the town of Westport in Mayo, Ireland. Companies like ClewBayBikeHire offer excellent service and a range of bike options.

Q: Are there any features that make Clew Bay Bike Hire stand out?

A: Yes, Clew Bay Bike Hire provides a “Hop on Hop off” shuttle service that transports you and your bike to a hotel at the start of your chosen route. This can be in Mulranny, Newport or Mulranny and achill sound.

Q: Is it possible to have a self-guided tour in Clew Bay?

A: Yes, Clew Bay bike hire promotes self-guided tours which provide flexibility allowing you to start your tour at any point and stop at will to explore or try other activities like kayaking.

Q: Where can I find more information about the bike hire service?

A: You can get more information directly from the bike hire company or on their website. They can provide answers to your questions and assist with information about trail conditions and forecasts.

Q: Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to get a bike hire provider for around Clew Bay?

A: No, you don’t need to worry if it’s your first biking experience. The bike hire options at Clew Bay are designed to cater for everyone from amateur cyclists to seasoned pros.

everyone loves the Aran Islands when they have been on an ebike

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Definitely the highlight of my recent trip to ireland. I am am going to buy an Ebike in the next few weeks.

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I only had a few hours on the island. The ebike allowed me to get up to Dun Aonghas much faster that if used a regular hire.