Unlock Aran Islands Beauty: Optimize Your Adventure with E-Bike Rentals

Are you searching for the ideal means of touring Inis Mor Island, one of West of Ireland’s most stunning and distinctive locations?

Full of epic weather, a strong coastline, rainbows aplenty, and good craic for all, E- Bike Aran Islands Bike Hire is the only place to go for your bicycle hire.

Our e- bike hire is conveniently situated at the pier on Inis Mor Island, right beside the Aran Sweater Market and across from The Bar. We have a large selection of trustworthy and reliable bicycles and e-bike hire equipment appropriate for riders of all ages and skill levels, as well as knowledgeable personnel who are happy to make suggestions to help you make the most of your time on your bike.

The Aran Islands – The West of Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way

Off Ireland’s west coast, Inis Mor (Inishmore), Inis Meain (Inishmaan), and Inis Oirr (Inisheer) are the three main islands that form the Aran Islands.

These remarkable islands are home to stunning natural scenery, a fascinating cultural history, and a distinct way of life that has been maintained for generations.

The islands are renowned for their Gaelic culture, here a place where Irish is the native spoken language, and monastic sites like Dun Aonghasa which is ideal for touring bikes and day bus tour groups from the Galway city.

Exploring the Beauty of the Aran Islands on an Ebike

Our Bike Hire allows you to explore the island at your leisure while taking in the breathtaking scenery all around you. E-bike hire has become increasingly popular in now recent years, whilst regular bike hire has also remained a popular choice for most people visiting the island. Most people get to the Islands from Galway City although Doolin has become a popular to leave from Galway itself in recent years.

You can get maps and advice for a few hours from our trained staff on the best ways to see each island. To understand more about the Aran Islands’ history and culture, as well as local secrets, you can take one of our self-guided excursions.

You may easily rent a bike when you arrive in Inis Mor to the islands thanks to our Bike hire and its location it’s handy position near the port where you can begin your journey right away.

Different Types of Bikes Available for All Needs and Budgets

Everyone has various wants and preferences when it comes to cycling, and we are aware of this. Because of this, we provide a selection of bikes for you to pick from.

Our hybrid bikes are the ideal option if you want comfort and stability. They are made with bigger tires and a comfortable seating position, making them perfect for longer trips on paved bike shop roads or city over.

Our mountain bikes are the best option for individuals looking for a more exciting ride. These bikes are perfect for touring, road racing, navigating off-road terrain, and exploring the untamed Aran Islands because they have bigger tires and suspension systems.

Bike Hire Ireland on Inis Mor, West of Ireland

With our fleet of high-quality road, mountain bikes, and Electric Bikes, you can visit Inis Mor Island in style. Ebike Aran Islands work hard to deliver a delightful bicycling experience that is both affordable and reliable. Make no mistake, our bike hire is where you want to rent your bikes from.

Pricing and availability information.

Hybrid EBike – €40 for a full day 

Mountain Bike – €20 for a full day 

Road Bike – €30 for a full day 

Tandem Bike – €40 for a full day

Child Bike – €10 for a full day

Tagalong Bike – €30 for a full day

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime With Bicycle Hire

Cycling through the islands is an experience that you won’t forget, whether you’re doing it alone, along the Wild Atlantic Way side with a partner, per day bus tour groups, other cycling routes or with family and friends,

You’ll find undiscovered treasures, amazing views, and one-of-a-kind moments that can only be experienced on a touring bikes with every bend on the winding roads.

Our skilled and amiable staff members are always happy to share their passion for the islands with our clients.

We take pleasure in offering superior customer service and making sure that every one of our visitors has a fun and safe day.

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Are helmets and locks provided with the bike hire? 

Yes, a cycling helmet and locks are provided for your convenience and safety with every bicycle and student bicycle hire at E Bike Aran Islands. We prioritize the safety of our customers the West of ireland during their biking experience on the Aran Islands.

Can I rent a bike for multiple days? 

Yes, you can rent a bike for multiple days. We offer special rates for premium bike hire for longer rentals, so feel free to short term and contact us for more information. 

Are there any guided bike tours available? 

Yes, we offer guided bike tours of the Aran Islands with our knowledgeable staff. These tours are a great way to learn more about the history and culture of the islands while taking in all the stunning views. Contact us for more information or to book a cycling tour.

Bike Hire Conclusion

The Aran Islands is one you won’t want to miss because of its breathtaking nature, pleasant local culture, and unmatched bike rental and hire services.

everyone loves the Aran Islands when they have been on an ebike

Client testimonials

Lisa D.


Definitely the highlight of my recent trip to ireland. I am am going to buy an Ebike in the next few weeks.

Hanna A.


I had no idea how cool cycling an ebike was!. I loved every minute of my tour and will definitely return to the Aran Islands to explore it in details. Thanks Guys!.

Andrew R.


I only had a few hours on the island. The ebike allowed me to get up to Dun Aonghas much faster that if used a regular hire.